The 7 Pillars To
Licence Compliance


Getting all the right licenses for your business and remaining compliant has been the downfall of many fantastic bars, clubs, restaurants and takeaways. But licensing doesn’t have to be the enemy.

With the right guidance, you can strengthen ties with your local community and create a safe and responsible environment that makes for a world-class customer experience.

Filled with real-life case studies and invaluable resources, ‘The 7 Pillars To Licence Compliance’ makes use of our combined 40 years of experience in licensing law, compliance consultation and the hospitality industry to help you create a strategy for your business, including:

  • Up-to-date information on the licensing laws you need to be aware of when opening or operating businesses that serve alcohol and late night refreshments or offer live entertainment.
  • Tools for evaluating your businesses and identifying potential hazards.
  • Best practice for creating a compliant workplace that prevents issues before they arise.
  • Tips for using licensing compliance to create a thriving business.

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