Improve compliance
Safeguard your business
Enjoy peace of mind

Why BETTER Compliance?

We are one of the leading licensing compliance companies with over 20 years’ experience working with some of the UK’s most successful and best-known clubs, bars and restaurants. We help protect your licence through our online training, tools, and consultancy, giving you complete peace of mind.

Are you a Premises Licence holder, a Designated Premises Supervisor or the person responsible for licensing compliance in your business?

Do you recognise and become frustrated by these problems?

You are not sure that your Premises Licence is secure…

You worry that your Premises Licence is vulnerable to a Review if you or your team do something wrong. You know your business may not recover if onerous licence conditions were added or if the licence was suspended or even revoked.

You are not confident that you have the best possible compliance regime…

You are concerned your compliance and due diligence management could be improved and even simplified to ensure it is carried out effectively.

Your staff do not have the most up to date licensing compliance knowledge, tools and systems…

You know you could enhance and develop the training, resources and support for staff, but it is difficult to keep up with what seems to be ever evolving legislation and areas of focus by the authorities.

You have no time!

Your business is demanding, and you do not have enough time or the right resources to allocate to the above problems.

Our Aims

Training Your Team

Comprehensive, online and offline compliance training, gives staff great knowledge and confidence.

Tools That Transfrorm

Access our suite of premises licence compliance tools, to streamline work, save time and increase standards

Consultancy For Change

With 20+ years experience, we’re one of the most reputable and trusted licence compliance firms.

Time For Change

Some say we’re ‘Transforming the World of Compliance’, but we’re a little more low key. We’re moving licensing from an old chore to a new choice. From old thinking, to new strategies. We put ourselves in your shoes and focus on making your business compliant, your life easier and your long term success secured

The Challenge

The hospitality industry is complicated. You make profit by selling one of your core products; alcohol. And yet, you risk your licence and livelihood by selling too much of your core product.

The focus on closing ‘nuisance or problem premises’ is growing with local authorities and police interpreting this as a clamp down on all. Sadly this includes the good businesses, as well as the bad and the ugly.

The Solution

We’re experienced developing solutions from all angles of licensing compliance. We’ve worked in licensing enforcement as well as being operators and owners.

BETTER Compliance was formed to bridge the gap between the authorities and the venues. 

BETTER Compliance 6 Step Accelerator Programme

Accelerate from a state of non-compliance and uncertainty to a state of total compliance and confidence.

Build a solid foundation and demonstrate a dedication to compliance and promoting the Four Licensing Objectives by a clear commitment from the leadership team.

The programme consists of the following six steps:

1 / BUY IN

Build a solid foundation and demonstrate a dedication to compliance and promoting the Four Licensing Objectives by a clear commitment from the leadership team.


Check your business’s current licensing compliance performance,
with a comprehensive online audit and self-generating action plans.


Implement our easy to use online management tools, reports,
checklists, policies and procedures to be able to fulfil action plans.


Targeted and ongoing training gives your staff the knowledge they
need to succeed. We offer online, offline and blended learning


Measure the success and effectiveness of operational procedures and
aim to build a body of positive due diligence evidence with our
unique record keeping systems and audit reports.


Constantly re-evaluate your compliance regime, considering shifting circumstances, changes in legislation, best practice and current guidance from the authorities.